As a teacher and  an educator

Prashant reinstates her disciplinary methods of teaching Kathak technique to his students too which he thinks is a "necessity" in the training process.

In the USA, particularly in New York and New Jersey, Prashant heads the Kathak department as a teacher and choreographer along with his disciple Rupal Patel at Arya Dance Academy. Also, he enjoys teaching Kathak form to students of all age groups from all over the world in New York by giving workshops and lecture demonstrations too. Prashant certainly demands vigorous practice sessions from his students to succeed in the classical dance form. Prashant has been invited by various cultural organisations, schools and art galleries for his lecture demonstrantions and workshops to educate students and art connossieurs in the field of kathak dance and its relation to the various forms of music and dance from all over the world. In his education syllabus while visiting various schools and colleges for lectures, Prashant emphasises on the science behind the dance and its connection to efficiency level of human behavior.

Having a Master's degree in Accounting, Prashant still feels that it is dance which gives him total work satisfaction and creative energy in his life.