Prashant Shah
Head of the Kathak Department,
Teaching Kathak in NY and NJ area as head of the Kathak department.

Please email me at or visit or call 973-402-4655 for any information or guidance on Kathak classes.

During this process of your communication with me or ARYA OFFICE regarding the enquiry about Kathak class for any location & any level, if there is any delay or no correspondence/communication in responding to your text message or calls or emails or any other type of communication/correspondence from our end, it means that we (ARYA DANCE ACADEMY) are not yet in a position to start any Kathak classes in that particular location for the level enquired by interested student either due to lack of enough number of students to begin a new class or due to any other reason which does not meet or satisfy our ARYA management policy for conducting any Kathak class in any given location for any level. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you for this.

We thank everyone who visited this site or and showed interest in learning Kathak.

Latest update on classes will be made available on this site or as and when decided by the Arya management.

Final Decision regarding starting any classes or Kathak troupe lies with Arya management. For any questions/concerns, pls contact our Arya management.

We, Arya management wish everyone good luck and success in their lives.